How To Resolve The McAfee Getting Disk Info Fatal Error 0xee020006 ?

McAfee is a trusted name in the digital world. Their products include the McAfee antivirus program, which is used by numerous users worldwide. It helps in securing confidential data from unauthorized access. The package is a must for those who are looking for complete cyber protection, which includes secure browsing sessions. There are some issues, such as the error code 0xEE020006, which can be fixed by following the guidelines given below.

Fixing The Registry Base

  • When the registry files are altered or modified, it can result in the error code 0xEE020006; you can resolve this by opening the command prompt and entering the command of regedit. You can press the enter key, which will open the registry editor.
  • Now, you can locate the registry entry linked with the error code 0xEE020006 and delete it as it is causing the error. Once done, you can close the registry editor and see if the error 0xEE020006 has been successfully resolved or not by updating the McAfee program.

Running The Disk Clean Up Tool

  • You can download the disk clean up tool to resolve the error 0xEE020006. Once downloaded, you can install the setup on your system and launch the utility. Double click on the shortcut icon of the disk clean up tool which appears on the desktop.
  • This will open the interface; you can click on the tab named start clean up. This will initiate scanning the PC for issues related to files. Once it completes, you can click on the tab named fix issues. When the procedure completes, you can reboot the system and check if the error has disappeared.

Clearing The Temporary Files

  • You will require deleting the outdated and irrelevant temporary files in your system to resolve the error 0xEE020006. For this, you can go to the start tab and then type %temp% and hit enter.
  • Select all the temporary files and delete them as they are no longer useful to the system and are causing this error.

After implementing these steps, you can check if the error code 0xEE020006 associated with has been successfully fixed.

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