The New Outfit of Apex Legends Is Exciting but Costly

The fans of apex legends have exclaimed delight over the limited character skin of wraith, but they do not approve of the price tag that comes with it. The Void Walker event has been able to avoid huge pitfalls of the previous event for apex legends concerning the skins. This skin is available for purchase from the shops; you do not require navigating through the hoops of micro transaction for getting a hold of this skin. Though the developers and fans were involved in heated arguments, it has cooled down from that point of name-calling since then. The price tag of 18$ is not reasonable, according to the players.

Every time the skins are talked about in the Subreddit of Apex Legends, the price issue is never far away. Many have labeled this scheme as a freeloader and are not impressed with the cost of the skin.

The debate over the expensive tag

There is no doubt that players are pleased about the look of the skin of the character, but this debate of price is always on the first topic that gets discussed. Some other users claim that wraith is a legendary character, and this could be a reason why the legendary skin is expensive. Most of the community is all about the rage that these skins can be found in any store which would not cost them a hole in their pockets for purchasing it. This debate has not reached any significant point as the prices remain steep for the skin.

Many people are content with the bloodbath that takes place in the area of loot regarding the new event of the game. It has been a difficult month for the gamers; much dislike has been in the air. The players are wary of the amount of money they lavish on the games; they are also on the lookout and much skeptical for the moments when the game asks them to spend.

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