Chrome Web Store Customer Service Phone Number USA +1 (888)526-0222



The Chrome Web Store is the Google’s online store for web applications for Google Apps or Google chrome. The software permits the individuals to install and run web applications for the Google Chrome browser. The Chrome Web Store individual experience and design was created by Wi-Fi.

Some Common Chrome Web Store Support Issues:

  • Network failed.
  • Not able to download application from chrome web store.
  • Conflicting accounts alert.
  • Problems with an app, extension, or theme.
  • Not able to add extension from chrome web store.
  • Not able to download the themes from chrome web store.
  • Not able to remove extension and themes.
  • Problem with permissions requested by apps and extensions.

Chrome Web Store doesn’t have a phone number. Like many other free web-based services offered by Google, but you can search your problems to their support forum and sites. You can get the customer support by call us at our customer service phone number USA toll free. Please Call us at our Customer Service Phone Number USA +1 (888)526-0222 to get Support for Chrome Web Store. Don’t worry.




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