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All you need to know about Cloud Hosting

A web hosting that optimizes the work time by using multiple servers to maintain equilibrium is what we call Cloud Hosting. In the prevailing scenario, the answer to the increased demand for economical hosting solutions that escalates the return of investment is Cloud Hosting. The usage of various servers reduces the risk of server failure because the breaking down of one wouldn’t affect the running of the other server. The vital resources required for maintaining the website is distributed to more than one server. You can capture the interconnected web of computers as the cloud and with more networks comes increased availability of resources.

Family of Clouds

  • Private Clouds- With these clouds, the computing resources are not shared with other users.
    The entire cloud adheres to a single server, and the cost of these is considerably high.
  • Public Clouds- The data in public clouds are shared with multiple users which, lead to the
    division of both bandwidth and resources between multiple users. Slow performance is
    probable with public clouds.
  • Hybrid Clouds- Hybrid clouds work together with private and public clouds.

Pair of Approach

  • Centralized approach in hosting lets one server host multiple websites which, in turn affects
    all the accounts, if the server malfunctions.
  • Distributed approach on the other hand has the website segregated to different servers. So,
    when one server goes down, the other takes charge of keeping the website running.

Categories of Cloud Hosting Services

With Cloud Computing, comes three categories of services to cater to the needs of the clients.

  • SaaS- ‘Software as a Service’, abbreviated as SaaS is a model for software distribution which
    has a role of third-party provider to host the applications and make them available on the
    internet for the customers.
  • PaaS- ‘Platform as a Service’, commonly known as PaaS is a framework that has a third-party
    provider as host for various applications and tools using its own infrastructure and makes
    them available to the customers over internet. Provides high flexibility.
  • IaaS- ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ has third-party provider to host the servers, storage, and
    virtual machines to make them available to the customers over the internet.

Why is Cloud Hosting beneficial?

Not just excellent services, Cloud Hosting, provide a cut in the extra costs of owning data centers and
saves operational costs. The retention of data is facilitated, and with its scaling feature, the
customers can get their hands on the specific resources required. Data storage in a cloud
environment comes with disaster recovery; hence, keeping it secure and safe.

Futuristic scope of Cloud Hosting

The web hosting is made easy as Cloud Hosting provides solutions which are customer-specific. The
scalability feature is in high-demand, which is taken care of by cloud hosting. This innovation can be
considered to bring industries and business to the online platform. Digitalization will be supported
by cloud computing serving as the backbone.


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