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ExploreTrip Inc. is a Bay Area California based organization making online International travel complication and easy free. ExploreTrip Inc. provides great flight deals on various airlines. They provide the cheapest flights on various airlines to visit different beautiful destinations for your vacations. They also offer best deals on hotel reservations. ExploreTrip Inc. provides a very user friendly UI, giving you hard data about the all the available multiple tools, flight options to perform the search exactly to your specific needs and make better choices.

Features of ExploreTrip

  • Credit card payments
  • e-Tickets in place of paper tickets
  • Manage reservations
  • Change booking settings
  • Mobile app to target Mobile visitors

Some common issues of ExploreTrip, we fix-

  • Wrong information error
  • Ticket refunding problems
  • Travel insurance
  • Payment failures
  • Cancellation failures
  • Security related issues
  • e-tickets fails
  • Credit card not accepting
  • Error during changing
  • Mobile app crashing error
  • Customer service
  • Online login issues

Pros and cons of ExploreTrip


  • Booking through ExploreTrip save your time
  • Partnership with many airlines make it easy to select and compare the prices
  • You can sort your search by arrival or departure times, airline
  • ExploreTrip also offers you to compare same routes with other sites


  • Their client service is not as good as other agencies
  • Hidden fee for other basic stuff and insurance
  • Prices are high for some budget travellers
  • Refund policy is bad
  • Cancellation fee deduction is high



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