IncrediMail Support Customer Service Phone Number USA +1-888-526-0222

IncrediMail Support Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-526-0222 to solve your IncrediMail related issues. Dial IncrediMail support phone number at toll-free number.


IncrediMail is an emailing facility for windows, you can personalize the content by adding animation, background and sound, it also provides options for managing your emails and facilitates in the address book contacts syncing, the language differences are not always considered.

These are the usual problems faced by the users of the IncrediMail.

  • Users complain they are unable to download IncrediMail to their phone.
  • When they launch the application the app suddenly goes crashing.
  • The users often report that they are unable to send or receive the messages.
  • The problem of syncing the contacts is a prominent one.
  • The error that states operation incomplete often appears at their display screen.
  • The registration difficulties are common with the users of IncrediMail.
  • Sometimes the mail does not operate up to the mark and freezes.
  • Users often complain their email account has been hacked and they can no longer access their account.
  • The users have forgotten the password and they are unable to retrieve the password.
  • The users face difficulties in uninstalling the software via the control panel.
  • The users are receiving a lot of spam and unwanted emails they never asked for.
  • They receive the duplicates of their messages sent to other users.
  • Some users lose their registration code and face issues with licensing.
  • The users claim they are entering the correct password but they are unable to log in due to an unknown internal error.

In case if you face any of the issues, you can always contact our customer support, our team can help you with the issues you are currently facing, and further assist to resolve it.


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