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The antivirus is often abbreviated as KAV, it was known by a different name previously as antiviral toolkit pro, the Kaspersky laboratories have manufactured this antivirus program, this software provides efficient safeguard to your computer system while you are browsing on the internet or downloading files off it, there are some hidden spyware and malicious viruses that could damage your computer and the antivirus program tackles these issues sufficiently.

There are some common issues faced by the users while utilizing this software, some of them are described below:

  • The users often complain that they cannot update the software to the latest patch.
  • Sometimes due to some windows error or an improper installation or some other unknown reason the users are suddenly unable to launch the program.
  • They also face issue when they try to resolve the updating problems all by themselves, the manual updating of the software gets a bit complicated to some users.
  • The software doesn’t operate at proper speed or sometimes malfunctions and freezes.
  • The users complain of not being able to report the threatening files to Kasperky.
  • There can be some issues related to buying the software online after the trial period expires, such as not being able to pay online for the purchase.
  • While using their system the software interferes a lot with their safe programs and can hinder them from launching.
  • The users also face issues related to settings of the software.
  • There are a few times where they are unable to eliminate a virus or are unable to quarantine a certain file that seems suspicious, or the software itself fails to recognize them.
  • They sometimes face activation issues related with the product key for their newly purchased software.

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