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Linux is an operating system. Linux is a collection of free and open-source operating systems manufactured around the Linux kernel. Linux is packed in a form known as a Linux distribution, for desktop and server use. An operating system allows communication between computer hardware and software. It delivers input to get processed by the processor and produces output to the hardware to display it. This is the elementary function of an operating system. The defining module of a Linux distribution is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel released in September 1991.

Linux was initially developed for personal computers. The dominance of the Linux kernel-based Android OS on smartphones has been apparent. Linux has the biggest installed base of every general-purpose operating system.

Some of the common Linux issues are

  • WI-Fi drivers problems
  • Printer drivers issues
  • Re-installation is difficult
  • Lack of software is troublesome
  • Hardware incompatibility
  • Booting errors
  • Re-installing Windows damages Linux
  • Dual-booting more than one distro
  • Random crashes often occur
  • Drive starts to fill up faster
  • Hard drive copying issue occurs often
  • No DVD drive response
  • Lost password issues
  • Linux booting complications
  • Linux driver snags
  • Graphics hardware issues
  • Linux wireless networking is not easily established

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