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We provide professional Microsoft Cortana Support Services.  Call Our Microsoft Cortana Customer Support Toll Free Number +1(888)526-0222 to get expert services.


A Virtual helper made by Microsoft to be used with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Band, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, windows assorted reality, it can organize reminders, identify natural voice by itself without input from keyboard, it can solve your queries via information from engines such as Bing, it can help you organize your time efficiently.

Some of the issues faced by the users of Microsoft Cortana

  • The users complain that this feature goes dead after updating the system.
  • The sound is a bit of an issue as Cortana does not perform efficiently sometimes in windows 10.
  • The feature sometimes turns non-responsive to voice inputs.
  • The speech system sometimes fails to initiate.
  • Cortana is sometimes not shown as running in the task manager.
  • There seems to be a problem faced by the users in switching the function on, they cannot seem to find a button for it.
  • Cortana has different audio levels every time sometimes it cannot hear the voice of the users.
  • The error appears stating that Cortana was not able to set up, and it prompts the user to check their internet connection.
  • There are problems faced with auto-hide function related to the taskbar.
  • The start menu and Cortana cannot operate together due to some unknown reason.

In case if you face any of the issues, you can always contact our customer support, our team can help you with the issues you are currently facing, and further assistance to resolve it.


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