Trend Micro Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number USA +1-888-623-3555


The trend micro Inc company has its roots in japan, and is headquartered in Tokyo, japan. It also has other branches in California in Los Angeles. They specialize in creating reliable security programs for businesses, and for its customers, for cloud platforms and servers. Their virtualizing software give protection to amazon AWS users, azure users, and VMware users. Steve Chang is the chairman of this company.

There are some issues by the users related to the security program some of them are described below

  • The users encounter problems when trying to use the free tools to eliminate the malware.
  • When browsing the internet the users come across a message that says your PC seems to be plagued by viruses.
  • They often complain about not being able to install the software, even after re installing the system they face this issue.
  • They face problems related to online security, some users complain the software does not perform up to the mark.
  • Sometimes there are issues that concern the launching of the program, despite the users restarting their system the software fails to execute.
  • When they try to install the software they face some errors, the user might be having a corrupted setup which fails to install the software, as they might have downloaded the product from an external party, due to inauthenticity of the product it cannot proceed to the installation step, the setup is missing some important related files and this is another reason for installation errors.
  • Users complain in not being able to manually update the software, as it can be a complicated process for them.

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If you face any of the problems related to the software, then feel free to contact the customer support for further assistance.


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